A program dedicated to road safety with a goal of minimizing the road accident fatalities to ZERO

Haryana Vision Zero is a campaign aimed at reducing road traffic deaths in the state. A program where the PPP collaboration model shines with the state government leading from the front and companies like Nagarro, Honda etc. supporting the program through their CSR.

Haryana is the first state in India to adopt a Vision Zero approach to road safety, which prioritises human life above all else. This will contribute to India’s commitment as part of the Brazillia Declaration which intends towards reducing road traffic deaths by 50 percent by 2020.

The program comprises of four key areas of work – engineering, enforcement, education and emergency. It brings into focus the components of engineering and enforcement to piece together the overall road safety strategy.

In order to achieve Vision Zero, NASSCOM Foundation and WRI India have developed a road safety action plan for the state of Haryana. In addition, each district of Haryana now has a road safety associate to help with crash/accident investigations, pointing out black spots that could have caused the accidents, reporting back to the government with recommendations and ensuring corrective measures.